Black Color Enhanced

Double processed hardwood mulch eco-friendly and pet friendly double processed color enhanced hardwood for a long lasting look.

$34.00 Per Yard

black color enhanced

Brown Color Enhanced

Our most popular color enhanced eco-friendly and pet friendly hardwood mulch option. Double processed color enhanced hardwood.

$34.00 Per Yard

brown color enhanced

Red Color Enhanced

Double processed hardwood mulch with a rich color of red to add brightness to your landscape. Eco-friendly and pet friendly.

$34.00 Per Yard

red color enhnaced

Natural Brown

A very fine mulch mix that spreads out smoothly on the ground. All natural hardwood mulch.

$27.00 Per Yard

natural brown

Triple Processed Brown

Composted to provide the benefits of its natural nutrients. All natural hardwood mulch that has been shredded three times.

$45.00 Per Yard

triple processed brown

Playground Mulch

Ideal for play areas (meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines for playground surfaces, if laid to specifications. Has the appearance of a mixture of shredded hardwood and hardwood chips.

$28.00 Per Yard

playground mulch

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